Time seems to Vanish but your whites won’t in this new spot from Havas x Papaya.

'Love Your Whites For Longer' is a very simple but emotive story telling the narrative of a couple as they age through the years, we literally turn back the clock on their clothes so that they appear to exactly how our lead lady remembers -all through the power of Vanish Gold Crystal White. We travel through some very carefully crafted key moments from their lifetime together, it's charmingly nostalgic and beautifully choreographed.

The team at Absolute spent time carefully constructing the different timings for all of the transitions that transport us through the years and their lives.We created and added in several different elements such as rain, smoke, kitchen walls, leaves, champagne bursts and bubbles to help bridge the shots, locations and seasons together. We also enhanced the hero dress to ensure that the colour transition throughout the film was correct.Chico Barrera , Art Director/Creative from Havas highlights how very early on in production, on-set VFX Supervision really aided the key challenge -”to put together the whole lifetime of our character into such a small amount of time, without it feeling rushed. Fortunately, we were privileged to have Dave on-set, gluing the shots together in real-time, so we knew we were getting everything right”.

Once the edit was locked,it was all over to Lead Flame artist Ben Robards and his compositing team to go through each transition and fine tune everything to appear as seamless as possible. He explains that although this may sound straight forward ‘the fact that it was shot high speed on Phantom 4K and then ramped up and down throughout the film to emphasise certain moments and it becomes somewhat more complex. Consider also that those ramps and zooms didn’t necessarily coincide with the key action of the talent or of the camera moves, so then there’s the task of hiding both the speed changes and the post moves within the existing footage and still hitting the cues of the transition points -a process that proved demanding when compositing many layers of 4K.

Add in several atmospheric layers of rain and autumn leaves, and the process begins to become a little sticky. Now add to the mix Covid 19 and remote working and suddenly we’re in uncharted territory...”Fortunately for everyone, Absolute’s remote working capabilities have been tried and tested over the last two years and this meant that working from home was actually a real pleasure. Daily reviews and briefs by phone, Zoom, Hangouts and FaceTime worked effectively and were supported by our SuiteView software.

Havas Copywriter/Creative, Diogo Abrantes also notes that “normally we work very intensely and closely with the CG and flame artists. But in this case, the world literally closed down when we were about to start.We can't thank the team enough at Absolute for all their hard work, all the back and forth, all the patience they had with our requests (Sorry, Ben), they made us feel as if we were there in the room with them. They were superheroes on this project. Very patient superheroes.”Finally, as Exec Producer Jenna Le Noury appreciates –“it really was a true team effort on this one and we were immensely grateful to the team at Havas; Stephanie, Adam, Chico and Diogo as well as Matt our Director from Papaya, for all their time and collaboration, especially during the current lockdown, their daily input was invaluable in making sure everything was addressed and the creative results were as strong as possible.”


Havas London
Client: Reckitt Benckiser
Category Manager - Ruxandra Ionescu
Brand Manager - Alexia Theocharis
Marketing Executive– Will Salt

RB Global Executive Creative Director & Creative Partner: Elliot Harris
Creative Partner: Rob Potts
Copywriter: Diogo Abrantes
Art director: Chico Barrera
Managing Partner: Ainhoa Wadsworth
Business Director: Carolyn Young
Account Director: James Johnstone
Senior Account Manager: Ciaran Macwhite
Head of Strategy (RB): Chantelle Begley
Group Strategy Director: Becky Taylor-Wilkinson
Strategist: Oliver Stogdale
Executive Agency Producers: Louise Bonnar, Charlotte Lawrence
Agency producer (film): Stephanie Cleak, Adam Henderson
Agency producer (print): Janet Berry, Matthew King

Production company: Papaya
Executive Producer: Wojtek Skiba
Producer: Rupert Greaves
Director: Matt Rhodes
DoP: Luke Scott
Editor: Russel Oxenden
Post-production: Absolute
VFX Supervisor: David Smith
Lead Flame Artist: Ben Robards
Nuke Artist: Lucas Warren
Lead CG Artist: James Coore
Houdini Artist: Ameen Abbas
Colourist: Matt Turner
Post Producer: Jenna Le Noury

Soundtrack composer: Nick Rapaccioli
Track Name: "Love Your Whites"
Narrator: Annie Hulley
Audio post-production: Tom Lane, Creative Outpost

Media agency: ZenithOptimedia