"Beautiful Superstar"

AG Cook

It was a pleasure to grade Prosper Unger-Hamilton’s promo for ‘Beautiful Superstar’, the lead single for A.G. Cook’s debut album ‘Apple’. Prosper’s intention was always that this video would ‘establish the campaign’s universe – an uncanny world that’s both slick and naïve, where real and fake have blurred together”.

The year is 2021, the setting is Earth but not as we quite recognise it, we witness “a strange mist moves slowly across the planet. No-one can tell if it’s a toxic hazard or a magical entity, but it seems to be changing the fabric of our reality. Gravity has become unreliable, people have gone missing, and strange shapes have been spotted in the night”.

Juliette Wileman, TK Assistant and Junior Colourist at Absolute loved working with Prosper & A.G. to create the different tones of the film and explains that “the main focus of the grade was highlighting the greens and complementary oranges, pushing a hallucinogenic feeling that ramped up as the video progresses. This was really fun to experiment with, seeing how far I could go with the saturation and vibrancy. I particularly enjoyed playing with the hues of the grass, changing it from quite a dull yellow to a bright acid green....

Director: Prosper Unger-Hamilton and A. G. Cook
DP - John Sweeney
Editor & Motion Graphics Artist - Aaron Chan
Motion Graphics Artist: Timothy Luke
Lead VFX artist: Prosper Unger-Hamilton
VFX artist: Kelvin Simmonds

Colourist: Juliette Willman @ Absolute Post
Exec Producer - Jenna Le Noury
Assistant Post Producer - Ava Millard